Ellisha Alexina is a Massachusetts based textile designer. She is the visionary behind the hand-blended bespoke fabric collection. Widely recognized for her unique process, Ellisha Alexina is fine art of textile design.

Sifas® furnishes the outdoors with collections featuring simple, clean, and elegant lines that combine with any style or provide a style option all their own.

Andra Eggleston and her father, William Eggleston, have always shared a love of great textiles and a good story. What eventually emerged from this father-daughter collaboration was a debut series of textile designs and the birth of a print design brand. Through Electra Eggleston, this growing collection of prints goes on to live a second life in the worlds of interior design and fashion.

New Hat Projects is an art and design studio based in Nashville, TN, that specializes in custom wallpaper & interior installations.

Mimi London, Inc. continues to lead the industry with our unique approach of creating organically inspired, powerful, luxurious furnishings. As each piece is hand-crafted to order in our local Los Angeles based production facility.